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Jul 17, 2011 10:00pm EDT
home panadian solders died in afghanistan since combat began ii 2002. 3 33 in jjruselum... evacations 3 are harr at work .... ttying 3 the fire is burning through the jerusalem forest. ut it is aid to be -3 pnder control. fire rrws are concerned about the iiraali holocaust mmmorial yaa vashem... where thousands of are tored. the fire brrke oot in three placess causing suspiiioo that it may havv been ntentiooally sst. p3 3 "i'mma part of it, i've veey excited and it makes me want 3 bbeaking a sweat and improving tte environmmnn .... how time -3&pon the trradmill is poweeiig a - pec facility! 3 3 and a yoonn boy is being hailed a hero tonight! how the 10-year-old's quiik thhnkingg helped save the ife of his youngerrbrother! 3 smoking.. banneddin áallá public places? tte ttend to snuff out those cigarettes... monday on fox 45 nnws at 5:30. [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-tw
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1